When is the rent due and where should it be deposited?

All rent payments are due on or before the 1st of the month. You should deposit all rent in the Rent Payment box located on the first floor across from the Laundry Facility in a brass mailbox slot.

When should I put the utilities in my name?

All residents must contact Austin Utilities BEFORE moving into the unit. The resident is responsible for all utility usage the moment they enter the premises.

Why is a 1 Year Lease Required?

We feel that a rental term of 1 Year is a very short amount of time and the vast majority of all residents have stayed for at least 2 years or more.

What is your pet policy?

Webter Apartments has a zero tolerance for pets of any kind or nature. Any pets must remain off the entire premises at all times. No exceptions.

Where is the garbage dumpster located and when is it emptied?

The dumpster is located on the South West side of the complex, near the Garages. The dumpster is emptied on Wednesday, so plan accordingly.

Where can I recycle my newspapers, plastic items, glass and metal items?

The Mower County Recycling Center located just 6 blocks away at 1105 8th Ave. N.E.

Where can I recycle my cardboard items?

Please go to the Mower County Recycling Center and drop off All Cardboard items and boxes there.

Where are the laundry facilities located?

The Laundry Facility is located on the first floor in the center of the building.

How secure is the building?

All exterior entrances to this building are secured in the evening hours and reopen in the morning.

Who should I contact for maintenance issues?

All residents may sign up for a log in to this web site and you may use the Maintenance Issue request form on this site or call the office.

What is your no smoking policy?

All interior and exterior common areas are to be no smoking. All residents have access to this policy when they log in to this web site.

I would like a garage, how do I get on the waiting list?

Please log in and contact us on the form located there.

May I sublet my apartment?


What is the Security Deposit return policy?

The Security Deposit shall be returned to the resident by the 21st day of the last following month of tenancy.

I am consistently late with my rent. Will this hurt my credit?

Any late rent will be charged with a late rent fee. We may also choose to turn over your credit history to the credit bureau(s) and yes, that will affect your credit rating.